Introducing my new Book: Footprints of a Foodie

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The concept of the “midlife crisis” has been the source of jokes for decades now, but for some people, the realization that they’ve entered their middle years can conjure up conflicting, often unexpected, feelings. For some, it is a time of contentment—a period of self-acceptance and a general feeling of stability—or a time where things are slowing down just enough to allow some reflection on who we are and who we want to be moving forward. For others, it can be a time of angst, reminiscent of the transition to adulthood. Regardless of how we react to the knowledge that we’re leaving our youth behind us, recognizing that this is where we are in life can be an incredible catalyst for us to make positive changes in areas of our lives that maybe aren’t quite all we’d like them to be.

This food and travel memoir recounts one woman’s decision to make just such a change.

Footprints of a Foodie is more than just a recipe book or travel guide.

It is one woman’s account of personal growth and self discovery as she travels through Europe and Asia as a fortysomething single woman. Regardless of your age and stage in life, It is sure to leave you both inspired and challenged to approach life with passion and courage.

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About the Author

Tanya dePape is a travel and food blogger and true Vancouver Islander.

Born in a small west coast town, she developed a passion for food early in life. As a young adult, she began to develop recipes using fresh, local seafood and wild game. From there, her passion grew, and it enticed her to travel across several continents in a quest to further her skills and indulge her interests in gastronomy. While her food style remains strongly grounded in her west coast roots, it is unmistakably injected with diverse cultural influences that she has picked up during her global travels.

As well as being a dedicated foodie, Tanya has a Master’s degree in psychology and works as a registered therapist. Her skills in this field are evident in her writing, as she takes you on a journey of insightful self- reflection in pursuit of personal growth and development.

Truffles & Thyme - Footprints of a Foodie | Image of Tanya