After a day of travelling and feeling like a dirty wrung out towel, I finally made it. One lay over in Munich and within a mere hour and a half, I was soaring over the Adriatic Sea. My feet hadn’t yet hit the ground and I was already enamoured with Dubrovnik. Known as the pearl of the Adriatic it had already, even from a birds eye view, lived up to its name. Peering out the window of the plane, I traced the clear blue waters that were framed by the ancient walls and forts.

The cab driver didn’t hide his amusement at the sight of me shuffling, with intermittent gasps of excitement, from one end of the backseat to the other so as not to miss one aspect of the views we passed along the windy coastal road.

I was nearing the old fortress that jutted out grandly into the sea.  I was eager to learn more about this magnificant city with all its rich and complex history. Sadly, it was nearing the evening when I arrived so my enthusiasm had to be harnessed..not so easy for a gal like me.

As we neared, I realized just how comfortable I have become with traveling on my own. It’s like I enter this other dimension..another home of sorts. The driver dropped me off at the Pile city gates and with my albatross bouncing behind me, I did my best to navigate us to the flat I booked somewhere in the labyrinth of old town. In some ways, it resembled my Venice trip, only this time I accepted my albatross like a clumsily loyal friend and helped her along every stone that laid before her. It’s funny how little you care as you get older about the observances of others…my suitcase trolling along and passively disrupting the masses..with sweat on my brow, stopping whenever I needed to, to ask for directions. My sense of humility in these cases has transformed into a form of confidence. After my Venice experience, I don’t fear being lost anymore. I have no problem asking for help or asking a stranger to take a picture of me in random moments. It’s a wonderful feeling of being delightfully and simultaneously vulnerable and resilient.

I finally found the flat I’d be staying in down a narrow stone pathway under the arches behind the cathedral. A pleasant man offered to take my albatross up the narrow staircase. Bless his heart…I’m sure he regretted it once he realized it’s weight. Then I put her to rest as I was out exploring within 10 minutes of my arrival.

Finally after circling the area to get my bearings, I settled on a restaurant near the main square. I ordered first an Adriatic fish soup. A traditional Dalmatian soup laden with fresh fish, prawns and mussels and anchored in a light fragrant tomato broth with julienned vegetables.

Then..fresh ravioli stuffed with young cheese in a creamy sauce adorned with splashes of fresh golden olive oil and grounded in the earthy taste of generously shaved black truffles. It all paired beautifully with a cab sav from Slavonia.

It was everything I came for..I was already satisfied. And so here I finish the night off at a small wine bar over looking the square writing to you dear readers.. never feeling truly alone because I know you are there to receive this.

Thank you for following.

Tomorrow the adventure begins…