After a 20 minute walk back over those tiny bridges, two water taxis and a bus ride, me and my albatross finally arrived at the Venice airport. This was one of the most disorganized airports I have ever encountered. A plane full us were herded like cattle into a congested line to check-in. There we all stood for an hour. Slow line ups really bring out the best in people. People are snapping at each other to guard their spot. Like it makes any difference. It’s hot. And the line moves at a snails pace.

I can’t help but chuckle a little at the American couple who finally make it to the counter and break out into a domestic argument. Every couple can relate to a moment like that. He waves his hands in the air, storms away, places his forehead on his arm at another counter (apparently she wouldn’t stop insisting that her suitcase was too heavy when they were going to wave the fee, and they had to pay extra). Hmm, I thought, looks like I may have to get my wallet out. I don’t even try to make my suitcase lighter. Its pointless it’s so overweight due to the fact that I packed my dead boyfriend;) (see previous post). She looks to the scale with eyes wide and says to me, “yes you are very much over”. Then as I pull out my wallet she looks at her screen and advises me that I am booked in buisness class. There must be a mistake, I think. But remembering the poor woman before me I say nothing. I smile. “Oh right, yes, mhmm” I say. “So you don’t have to pay.”, she says. “Right!”. So on I board to the front of the cabin and as they slowly close the curtains behind me, I think to myself.. Yesssssssss!!!

I regretted running to get that long baguette with prosciutto and devouring it under 2 minutes flat, seconds before boarding, because indeed I have a menu of choices for my in-flight meal today! It’s like the foodie gods are watching over me. “Um yes I will have the steak please.” “Yes miss”. Damn rights I will have the steak! And the cheese plate, and the salad with oranges and seeds, and the cake! And the chocolate ! And an espresso! Of course I will!!! I am a flying glutton!! And these seats..oh if only I could fall into one of these seats after every meal. I am sooooo full. I close the window shutter, rest back, rub my belly in that way I do and have myself a little nap.

Then the story unfolds as such. We have to land in another town due to a storm and are then escorted onto a bus that will take yet another hour before it arrives to San Sebastian. As I stand watching the others collect their luggage, I become aware that my albatross didn’t make it. My albatross was lost somewhere in Madrid. There is no choice but to head to San Sebastion sans belongings. Really I had everything I toothbrush, my wallet, my passport, my hair brush, and my phone (with the charger this time). Spanish is one language I can muddle my way through, so I am excited to brush up on my Español with my lovely  taxi driver.

And so I arrived light as a feather. As my friend pointed out, my luggage was a self proclaimed curse anyhow! I surprised myself how little it affected me, but really, like we learn to navigate when lost, we learn what we really need when we are without.

I entered my room, hopped in the shower and wasted no time to find a place to eat some tapas and drink some wine. I am staying in the heart of old city San Sebastián

Somewhere between the first plate of pintox and my second glass of wine,  the metaphor hit me. (I’m like Forest Gump but on a bar stool..and with a wine buzz).

It was about letting go of all the baggage I had been carrying. If ‘it’ (meaning anything in life really) hinders you like a fumbling suitcase up stone steps, if ‘it’ doesn’t bring out the best in you and leaves you feeling frustrated and angry most of the time, wanting to throw it at any given chance out a window..let it go. I am a believer in working for things, knowing that nothing feels good all the time, but in the end there are some suitcases in life that need to stay lost in another country. I don’t feel any different without it. In fact I just feel a little lighter. I’m a blank slate in the streets of this bustling little Spanish town. If the suitcase comes back, it was meant to be so.At least I know now I can survive without it, thus, it will never feel as heavy.

Belly rub..big sigh..buenos noches ?