The definition of passion…

Can be outlined as an intense and compelling enthusiasm or desire for something. And food… has for as long as I can remember has been my passion.

Born in a small town on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, my passion for food started early on. Living on Vancouver Island we were blessed with an abundance of a fresh seafood and wild game.

As a child, the ocean was my playground.

Turning boulders on the beach to catch the small crabs as they scurried across my bare feet, I would fill my ice cream bucket trying to replicate the tub of Dungeness freshly caught for the night’s dinner. When I started a family of my own this passion for local food spilled onto the dinner table and grew to be my favorite past time: cooking for friends.

Over the years my craft developed. Largely influenced by dishes discovered during my travels, it was always my goal to cook authentic to where my feet found the ground.  Sharing my newest creations with my friends and family fuelled a pleasure that has stayed with me today and brings me to this endeavour.

It is here that I will share with you with my passion for food, travel and cooking.


Welcome to Truffles and Thyme… footprints of a foodie.

Travel & Taste with Me:

Italy | Spain | France


Vietnam | Cambodia | Thailand


Croatia | Morocco | Portugal


Greece | Turkey | Sicily


The concept of the “midlife crisis” has been the source of jokes for decades now…

But for some people, the realization that they’ve entered their middle years can conjure up conflicting, often unexpected, feelings. For some, it is a time of contentment—a period of self-acceptance and a general feeling of stability—or a time where things are slowing down just enough to allow some reflection on who we are and who we want to be moving forward. For others, it can be a time of angst, reminiscent of the transition to adulthood.

Regardless of how we react to the knowledge that we’re leaving our youth behind us, recognizing that this is where we are in life can be an incredible catalyst for us to make positive changes in areas of our lives that maybe aren’t quite all we’d like them to be.

This food and travel memoir recounts one woman’s decision to make just such a change.

Footprints of a Foodie